8 Baseball Players With Patriotic Undies

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Soccer players are all the rage lately, but we cannot forget about baseball players! Their uniforms are so hot, and each of them has that all-American charm we can’t get enough of. From the pitchers and the catchers, to the tight pants they run circles in, baseball players are in a league of sexy all their own. This is our list of the hottest baseball players we wish were modeling underwear. And in honor of July, we have our studs in patriotic red, white, and blue.

1. Grady Sizemore – Boston Red Sox

Grady Sizemore is just about the cutest thing in baseball, and it earns him this sexy star-spangled look from Timoteo. He has such a charming face, and an athletic body that make him our quintessential, all-American summer crush.

2. David Wright – New York Mets

This USA-colored look from Lupo would go to David Wright, third baseman for the Mets. We can picture him being totally comfortable in this look, and super sexy of course. But no matter what we wears, we want to go to third base with him.

3. Alexi Amarista – San Diego Padres

Originally from Venezuela, Alexi Amarista still has that boy-next-door charm that seems to emit from every baseball uniform. We paired him with this World Cup-inspired look from Rounderbum. We know he could pull it off like no other.

4. JJ Hardy – Baltimore Orioles

JJ Hardy, shortstop for the Orioles, is another home run, and would look stunningly hot in this look from PUMP!. PUMP! has a lot of great looks featuring America’s colors, but this one in particular would really let JJ Hardy’s jock-ish sex appeal hit home.

5. Ryan Braun – Milwaukee Brewers

Ryan Braun is a right fielder for the Brewers with a heart-stopping set of eyes and another boyish face meant to be framed by a baseball cap. We give this stud a look from Freedom Reigns. He would look so good in a brief, especially if it was patriotically colored.

6. Robinson Cano – Seattle Mariners

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This brief from Diesel would go to the Dominican American Robinson Cano. He seems like a manly man, who would actually wear this look and be comfortable in it. The stripes are super sporty too, which would turn his attractiveness way up.

7. Ian Kinsler – Detroit Tigers

Ian Kinsler is another cutie. So cute, that we would put him in an Andrew Christian look. The boxer features red, white, and blue, and is a sexy take on a jock. If Ian wore these, we would see his butt and all of his athletic hotness would remain intact. Their might even be more of it.

8. Austin Jackson – Detroit Tigers

An outfielder for the Tigers, we let the masculine Austin Jackson in on the list. We give him a solid look from aussieBum with a short leg. Mostly red, this underwear would look so good against his dark skin. The sex appeal would be unreal.

What do you think of our list of sexy baseball players we want to model underwear. Which of the guys hits a home run as far as sex appeal goes? Think baseball uniforms are a turn-on? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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