Lupo Termica I-Power Compression Shirts Are Heavy Hitters


The Lupo Termica I-Power Compression Shirt Collection is the right fit for any athlete. The collection contains three styles: an Armless Tank ($24.99), a Short Sleeve T-Shirt ($34.99), and a Love Sleeve T-Shirt ($34.99). All three are designed to hug your body tightly. The dynamic compression design has been specifically created to bring extra support to your muscles and help you avoid injury.

All three styles are quick dry design so that you won’t overheat when you work out. And if you have already suffered injury, then the Lupo Termica I-Power compression shirt is the perfect choice. These shirts can help improve recovery time while allowing you to continue exercising. An additional bonus, these compression shirts are designed to remove microbes. The fabric make up is mostly cotton but the thermal design allows you to feel comfortable in a variety of climates. All three shirts are tagless for even more comfort while you exercise. They come in a variety of colors including: white, grey, black and blue.

The Lupo Termica I-Power Compression Shirts Collection is available in sizes S-XL.

What’s the hardest workout you’ve ever had? Would it have been easier wearing any of these Termica I-Power compression shirts? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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