GO Green Fit: Muscle Snatch, Pull-Ups

This trio of exercises is another great one for toning up your upper body before hitting the beach. The routine combines 3 muscle snatch reps, 6 pull-ups, and 9 ring dips. Each exercise is advanced in its own right, so if you are a stranger to one or all three, try and get each one down separately before trying the workout in the video. Or, you can also steal one of the moves and add it to your preferred mix of body burning movements.

Planting your feet is a key component when performing a muscle snatch properly. Similar to a muscle clean or a normal snatch, you keep the bar close to your body during the movement. It is also a good idea to use the momentum in your hips before lifting the bar above your head. After this lift, the pull-ups won’t feel so difficult. Pull-ups of course are great for your biceps and the center part of your back. Then once complete these two, it is time for the ring dips. The dips will use muscles you’ve already worked in the previous two exercises, so get ready to feel the burn.

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