Get Seen In The Bjorn Borg Haze Boxer Briefs And Trunks


The Bjorn Borg Haze boxer briefs ($27.95) and trunks ($27.95) will be like your own personal lighthouse. No matter how thick the fog, you’ll still get spotted.

The fabric is a well tested blend that is 95% cotton and 5 % elastane. This allows the Bjorn Borg Haze trunks and boxer briefs to form to your body in a way that feels like a second skin. The boxer briefs have a medium-long leg and the trunks fall to the upper thigh. The seams are well designed to follow your own lines both up the sides of your leg and at the inner thigh as well. This helps for a snug fit that eliminates bunching.

The center seamed pouch of The Bjorn Borg Haze is the same for the boxer briefs and trunks. And the backside is seamless. The waistband is in a darker purple that is similar to the shade in the overall design. The Bjorn Borg name stands out — as always — in large lettering across the entering wide waste band. The inside of the band is reverse colored for that extra touch of style.

The Bjorn Borg Haze is available in sizes S-XL.

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For more information on this brand: Bjorn Borg

Photo Credit: Bjorn Borg