The Call of Athens: We’ll Answer



Jamaican photographer Wade Rhoden’s photo series, “Call of Athens,” is a beautifully shot collection that showcases male athleticism and compositions rooted in contrast and lighting. He uses his models alone or in a group. More often than not, he uses their limbs to create some interesting lines in the snapshot. The black and white also works terrifically with the skin tone and white underwear of the models. Rhoden also has some fun with camera angles and lighting. No matter the angle though, the models look ripped and fit and ready to answer the call of Athens.

One of the best photos in the series features a pair of models. It looks as though they are sparring. Their arms and legs create a great pattern for your eye to follow, and there isn’t anything you’d want to miss. Two shots also showcase a model from a lower angle, the sky above him. The color contrast that the black and white photography brings out of the sky and the model is striking and makes these photos stand out. There is also another great shot of a bunch of men run. The camera is angled to look up at them as they run by. We get to see their butts.

Do you think the black and white photography here is as flattering on the models as we do? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Wade Rhoden

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