Boxerfy: Redefining Male Fashion Every Month


Boxerfy is a pretty ingenious idea that delivers underwear to your door once a month. Take it from us — this is one underwear of the month club that isn’t messing around. Described as “underwear on autopilot,” Boxerfy sends you men’s underwear selected by a panel of six women. They are all knowledgable in the latest fashions, and experts when it comes to bringing out the best in a man, starting from the underwear up.

“Dress well every morning, on every level, from your shirts to your shirtsleeves,” says Ellinor Sandberg, Boxerfy’s visual merchandiser. “It all counts.” Elli is a former model, and currently works as a visual merchandiser for Massimo Dutti as well. It’s that kind of expertise that elevates Boxerfy. Another set of hands that assists in selecting the monthly boxers is Thoko Mertaniemi, a model who appeared on Top Model Sweden in 2012. “The time has come to get style props,” says Thoko. “Here’s where we’ll start you off, from the bottom up.”

The fashionistas at Boxerfy are selective when curating the brands from which they choose their month underwear looks. They stick to the fashionable and sophisticated: brands such as Bjorn Borg, Frank Dandy, and Calvin Klein. You are allowed to choose the first pair you get when you sign up, but after that the panel handpicks your designer boxer — a fashionable surprise good enough to watch for the UPS man.

But the boxers aren’t all you can get. Perhaps the coolest perk that Boxerfy offers, and one that separates from similar online deals, is an optional pair of premium-quality socks. The first set of socks is free when you sign up for either of the 3, 6, or 12 month plans available. After that, the socks will continue to arrive at your door for an additional $10. The 12-month plan is available for $26.90/month, and the 6-month plan for a little more at $28.90/month. The 3-month plan is also a good deal at $29.99 per month. Or if you still have commitment issues when seeing something this good, a single pair can be sent for $29.

A lot of people have already decided to give Boxerfy a try, and their social media presence is picking up steam. Boxerfy is getting close to 2,000 followers on Instagram, and on Facebook Boxerfy has already exceeded 18,000 likes. Boxerfy has also been featured by GQ and Vogue. Everyone knows that a good pair of underwear can make all the difference. How often is another item of clothing considered lucky? Evelina Nilsson is the Boxerfy’s own underwear expert, who herself has worked for brands such as Calvin Klein and Bjorn Borg. “A new age is upon us, your self-confidence and our knowledge together,” Evelina says, “they can get you the very best of the very best.”

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For more information on the brand: Boxerfy

Photo Credit: Boxerfy