8 Ways Boxerfy Changed The Underwear Game

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Boxerfy is an underwear of the month club done to the nines, and is gaining momentum and popularity. Men’s underwear should never be an after thought, but with Boxerfy, you can forget about your underwear and let the stylish underwear looks arrive at your door, and keep you looking fresh. This is our list of 8 ways Boxerfy changed the underwear game for the better.

1. Your underwear collection grows

How often do people really buy new underwear for themselves, especially men? Some do it more than others, but with Boxerfy, your underwear collection is continually and consistently growing. This means looks that are always fresh and recycled less. No more excuses for bad underwear days.

2. “Underwear on autopilot”

You only get to choose your first pair of underwear, after that the rest are chosen for you. This is what Boxerfy means when the describe themselves as “underwear on autopilot.” You sign up for Boxerfy and forget about it. And once a month, you’ll be sporting a new and fashionable underwear look.

3. Your underwear is chosen with a women’s opinion

Boxerfy’s monthly underwear selections are made by a panel of 5 women, all based internationally. A woman’s opinion is always valuable to a man, and these women are experts. Having worked for fashion labels such as Calvin Klein and Massimo Dutti, this is underwear selection done intelligently.

4. Brands are curated by the fashion-forward panel 

Boxerfy’s panel of experts are choosy when making their underwear picks. The ladies strictly curate the brands from which their selections are made, whittling the list of retailers down to reputable brands like Calvin Klein, as well as emerging brands such as Bjorn Borg.

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5. Nothing but high-quality fabrics are sent

One of Boxerfy’s key principles when hand-picking your monthly pair of underwear is the fabric. Boxerfy sticks to the highest quality fabrics available to keep you looking great and feeling comfortable, providing you with “the very best wearing experience.”

6. Socks are available as an extra bonus

As part of Boxerfy’s membership options, you can also receive pairs of premium socks along with you underwear once per month. It costs a little bit more, but if you are wanting to keep yourself fashionable and fresh, you might as well do so from head to toe.

7. Men’s fashion is made easy

Women are all too frequently disappointed by their man’s underwear choices, and often find their guy in an old pair of underwear that long overstayed its welcome. By popularizing men’s fashion, and men’s underwear in particular, Boxerfy highlights the importance of men’s underwear fashion, and makes it an easy to stay in style.

 8. Men’s fashion is made important

By changing the underwear game and making it easy for men to stay trendy, Boxerfy makes men’s fashion more of a norm. Women have so many things that are exclusive to females, especially where apparel is concerned. But Boxerfy is just for men, and just so good at making smart underwear choices for its members.

What do you think of Boxerfy’s monthly underwear membership? What is your favorite pair that you have gotten from Boxerfy? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Boxerfy, Instagram