Leon Nieuwoudt On The Beach



Leon Nieuwoudt is a South African model and total babe. He was shot by Canadian photographer Juan Neira for his “Hot Blue” photoshoot, and managed to capture Leon’s wildly sexy attitude. Things start with Leon looking classically casual, plain white v-neck and jeans at the beach. He has his hair slicked over, almost looking like a greaser. But Leon is clean, sharp, and handsome. He’s also playful, like we can see when he splashes around in the water.

Once Leon gets that shirt off, he starts to pout his plump lips, and he lets his eyes give the camera that sexy, smoldering look. Then the pants come off, and he’s wearing a timeless pair of Calvin Klein briefs. His upper body is super muscular, and looks great when he comes out of the water. His abs are impressive, his sides looking sculpted. He runs his hands through his hair, tousles it without messing it up. At the end of the shoot, he stands in ocean-socked underwear with the water up to his ankles. He just stands there — looking sexy as hell.

How do you like Leon? Are you happy that it’s eye candy season at the beach again? Let us know by commenting or tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Juan Neira

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