Francisco Louzada, Behind The Curtain



Brazilian model Francisco Louzada looks amazing in these black and white snapshots by photographer Jeff Segenreich. In some, Francisco wears a solid white tank and simple white briefs. In some, he loses the tank. Then in others, he loses the briefs. And it’s a good thing too, because this stud has a beautiful body, with arms for days and abs for weeks. Not to mention Francisco Louzada has one of those faces, and deep eyes that stare way past the camera.

Francisco seems to be entranced by the curtain behind him. He plays with it almost as much as the tank before he takes it off. He has some ink on him: “Believe in yourself” tattooed on the right side of his chest, and a fatima hand on his shoulder. And as cool as his tattoos are, we can’t help but stare at his tight, toned tummy. It is straight on in this photoshoot, and we can just imagine how rock hard his abs are when he flexes them. But the real winner here comes in a photo when Francisco wears nothing but that white tank. We get a profile view of him, including some side butt, and he stares at us innocently.

Scroll through the gallery below. What do you think is Francisco’s best asset? Let us know by commenting below, or you can tweet us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Jeff Segenreich

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