Albin Grkovic: Swagger Meets Dapper



Albin Grkovic is one of those men that has a charming, boyish swagger with the class and attitude of a man. In this photoshoot by Kevin Pineda, he wears a pair of black boxer briefs, and in a few of the looks, a pretty dapper hat. He has tattoos, which, lets face it, gives anyone a sexy edge. He has four, that we can see, and they are all on full display here. It’s a good excuse for our eyes to wander over him — but we don’t really need an excuse. With a body that is both slender and muscular, we have all the reasons we need to check out this stud.

The black and white photographs are beautifully shot, and the black apparel contrasts nicely with Albin Grkovic’s white skin. It also lets his tattoos pop, especially the darker areas in his sleeve. No matter his pose, Albin’s upper body is contoured by the natural light coming in through the window. His muscles are perfectly defined, and he looks irresistibly fit just lounging about in his underwear. By now we’re wishing we were his neighbor across the way, and that we could see him standing there in the morning. But as long as we are wishing for stuff, we wish we were in that apartment with him.

Check out the gallery below. What do you think about Albin Grkovic and that hat of his? Do you even remember the hat? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Kevin Pineda

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