Model of the Week: Dustin Chase

Born: 1983
Current Location: Galveston Island, Texas

Relationship Status: Single
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 138
Waist: 28 inches
Shoe: 8
Hair Color: Constantly changing 😉
Eye Color: Bue
Ethnicity: Caucasian or as I like to call it, ‘redneck’ in disguise.
In a nutshell, I am… An overly ambitious, workaholic who sometimes forgets that I live by the beach and should enjoy it once in a while.

My favorite pair of underwear is… That’s a hard question, but my favorite brand is Toot from Japan, their briefs fit so well and are so creative.

If I had to give one piece of underwear advice it would be… Wear something exciting, creative and unique.

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My most memorable photo shoot is… I have so many, as I just completed my 70th photoshoot! But the one that instantly comes to mind is the military parachute one I did on Galveston Beach with AU Fotografia. It was perfect weather for what we were doing, gusty and slightly misty. At one point the enormous parachute was taken by the wind and I was lifted five feet off the ground as the photographer chased me.
The one part of my body I couldn’t live without.. Leg hair, which is ironic. I used to be so embarrassed by my hairiness as a kid, I developed hair before everyone else and was teased because of my legs. I even shaved them once, eekkkk! Now my leg hair is one of my most famous modeling traits.
I’ve had long hair and short hair, but my preference is… That’s so difficult to answer because I feel like I can pull off so many different looks with so many different types of hairstyles. But honestly I really like my hair long, it’s just very difficult to manage long, curly hair.
Chest hair for me is…. a symbol of a natural, manly look. I have to credit my chest hair for landing some of my most recent shoots. My photographers and especially the fans love the chest hair whether I have it all grown out or trimmed.
Check out this gallery of some of the best photos out there of Dustin Chase, and then find out what his rules for pubic hair maintenance are for his photo shoots.
Pubic hair maintenance for underwear photo shoots for me is… I honestly don’t do a lot of maintenance down there. Hair is in, and the natural look is also something that a lot of people seem to be after. This can vary from photo shoot to photo shoot but most of the time I just leave it alone.
Singlets are…. something that people seem to love to see me in and photograph me in. It all started when I first put on that white and red N2N singlet for the first David Wagner (WagnerLA) shoot three years ago (phoot above). That photo has been circulated around the globe and I hear in clubs and bars all over the place. Wagner and I followed that up in the second shoot with a black net singlet that was even more daring. They are fun to wear and surprisingly comfortable.

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Jockstraps are…. great for photoshoots, I think there is something very sexy and interesting about them, but I don’t wear them on an everyday basis.
When I’m home alone I’m usually… just wearing briefs or speedos up on my balcony laying in the hot Texas sun.
Nude modeling is…. not for everyone and while I have done implied nudes, my work is more about teasing and showing off than showing everything. You gotta keep a few things to the imagination especially in a world where the norm has become to show everything.
Photo Credit: Thomas Watkin, Carl Proctor, Deon Jackson, Kemuel Valdez, Brandon Tabiolo

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