Is It Time To Add Jumpsuits To Your Underwear Drawer?


What comes to mind when you think of the jumpsuit? If you were with Jennifer Lopez, you’d probably throwback to her jean jumpsuit circa Love Don’t Cost A Thing era. Maybe you did some hard time at the slammer and all a jumpsuit is, is a reminder of your faults. Though Orange Is The New Black, you will never wear that thing again. Maybe you are a total dork and still reliving your favorite episodes of Lost on Netflix while dressed in your Dharma initiative jumpsuit. And, of course, Elvis comes to mind. But, when you survey the above, you kind of get the feeling that jumpsuits are reserved for over-the-top personalities or specific situations. They are never your go to for everyday wear.

Well, that’s a huge misconception. Women and some men have found ways to wear the jumpsuit out and about., whether pairing it with a jacket for a black tie affair or rocking a bold color with a wide belt to be the center of attention at a mixer. In 2008, Charlie Porter of the Gaurdian reported that the male jumpsuit was a staple in the collections of Prada, Calvin Klein, and Mulberry. The jumpsuit had made its way into high fashion then and has continued to break away from the closets of Las Vegas impersonators and janitors.


So, what does the jumpsuit have to do with men’s underwear? Well, for starters, the concept of the onesie has been adapted in various collections from ES Collection, Modus Vivendi, AussieBum, and Go Softwear. The introduction of singlets into these collections recently continue to ignite the flames of conversations revolving around its place in underwear. Sure, people are possibly labeling these pieces as fetish wear, but many of the simpler constructions, i.e. not the leather ones, could possibly take the place of wearing an undershirt and a pair of briefs.

German-based Danvary sees a market there. It has released a boxer shirt. On the surface, it may sound like a funny idea, but, all in all, the boxer shirt was based on a practical idea. The idea occurred to Daniel Kovary, the shirts creator, when he was fed up with shirts escaping his trousers because he had unique dimensions. How many times have tucked your shirt into your underwear to insure that this will not be the case? Why do you have to? With the boxer shirt, all you have to do is slip it on and put on some pants and a jacket. It’s a ready look that takes only seconds. Daniel Kovary, the shirts creator, only wears the piece with pants but feels that the most daring personality can pull the look off without the pants with the addition of a belt, hat, and espadrilles.


What are your thoughts on underwear inspired by jumpsuits? Are they too constraining or the next big thing? Would you consider wearing something like the boxer short or singlet? Lets us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: via The Fader, Modus Vivendi, Danvary