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It’s a Friday night– Quick– What’s your go to underwear? For some guys, the decision of choosing a pair of underwear for a night out is as hard as choosing the outfit itself. For others, it’s as simple as reaching into their underwear drawer and pulling out their little black brief.

For The Underwear Expert, the black brief is a must have item. Why? Because, well, how many times do you want to say orange is the new black; there are a lot less orange looks out there. Black and white, we’d say, are two colors presented in most collections that feature bold, basic designs. In other collections, black acts as the perfect accent to prints and is possibly the boldest contrast when paired with a lighter color.

When you think of the color black, especially in a nighttime scenario like the one we suggested, there is a certain level of sophistication to it, but, it is also associated with a slick, sexiness that just can’t surface when you drop trou to reveal the lemonade yellow brief that defined your summer.

Of course, everyone has their own black brief that suits them. It’s a color presented in many brief collections, but, by no means, are all the briefs the same. When you are bombarded by these briefs online or at a retailer, it may be a tad overwhelming. You are looking for simple, but, you don’t want to be boring. Maybe you have a hankering to be outrageous but not too over the top.

In order to make shopping for your personal little black brief easier, we’ve decided to break down ten black brief looks in the gallery below.

For more information about these brands: Gregg Homme, Malebasics, Andrew Christian, Mack Weldon, 4 Skins, Pump!, Pull-In, Alpha + Omega, Modus Vivendi, BodyAware

Photo Credit: Aydin Arjomand, Gregg Homme, Malebasics, Andrew Christian, Mack Weldon, 4 Skins, Pump!, Pull-In, Alpha + Omega, Modus Vivendi, BodyAware

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Gregg Homme

Venom Brief


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Brief Microfiber Black


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Andrew Christian

Almost Naked Eclipse Brief


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Mack Weldon



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Contrast Brief


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Touchdown Classic Black Brief


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Zlip Fraisesiii Short


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Modus Vivendi

Zipper Brief


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Alpha + Omega

Black Low Cut Brief


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Vintage Fishnet Brief


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