50+ Photos from Parke & Ronen’s Summer Instagram Contest

by Christopher Hernandez


From July 2 to Aug. 2, Parke & Ronen launched a contest via Instagram. Using #prsummer13, users were asked to submit photos of themselves wearing selections from the Parke & Ronen 2013 summer/spring collection.

The contest received a great amount of submissions. People posted pics of themselves flipping by the pool, barbecuing with friends, showing off their packages, and casually wearing the swimwear as everyday wear. It was a fun concept to partake in, but, ultimately, there had to be a winner. The user @milo_84 took second place with his classic Anchorman happy jump pose in a pair of green floral board shorts. The winner of the contest was @imtedletsparty, who’s candid pic from a day in vegas stole the show.

Check out some of the other submissions below and let us know in our comments or by tweeting us @underwearexpert if the winner was your favorite.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. SteveDenver says:

    That’s one way to sell a bunch of very pricey shorts.

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