Jersey Shore’s Vinnie Bulges in Cosmetics Ad

You can fit a lot in your speedo or underwear, especially with underwear fit for a monster bulge. You can stash cash, keys.. and condoms?

Turns out you can hang on to mascara too. At least that’s what Benefit Cosmetics new ad campaign starring Jersey Shore’s Vinnie Guadagnino and the Scary Movie franchise’s Simon Rex implies.

In the clip for Benefit Cosmetics mascara, various guys are seen getting out of pools in speedos, free balling in wetsuits, and bulging out of yoga pants, jeans, and jumpsuits; advertising has apparently become equally as sexually implicit with their model men as it’s always been with women. We’re not complaining.

You can check out the video below. Are you liking what these guys are packing? Leave us a comment below or tweet @underwearexpert to let us know with #monsterbulge.

Video Credit: Youtube