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These models may be getting dirty on the job, but their underwear is working just as hard as them. Chilean underwear company, Ergowear is setting the new standard for the hygienic underwear game. Their collection, Ergowear InCopper, features exclusive material that was developed by the brand using copper antimicrobial yarn technology to fend off microorganisms and protect your more delicate areas of skin.

Copper antimicrobial yarn technology is a fairly new product and Ergowear has infused polyester microfibers with it to safeguard the goods against nasty bacteria, funguses and viruses. The copper and polyester blend is also mixed with cotton for smooth feel and elasticity. The best part about the new material is that it doesn’t wear down over time or washes and will do its job until its time to get tossed.

For the InCopper collection, Ergowear uses the fabric in two of its lines PLUS and MAX and each line comes in five styles, thong, bikini, brief, boxer and midcut. The PLUS collection stands for Pouch Lifted and UnSeemed (no seam in the middle of the pouch)  which creates a 3 dimensional pouch, protecting our junk and making it look bigger. MAX does the same thing as PLUS, lifting your package away from the thighs, which creates a 3 dimensional effect, but this collection has a vertical seem down the middle of the crotch pouch.

In simple black and white colors, the collection comes at different price points. PLUS is priced at thongs ($21.90), bikini ($22.90), brief ($31.49), boxer ($34.92) and midcut ($38.92). The price range for MAX is thong ($26.88), bikini ($26.98), boxer ($32.91) and midcut($36.98).

Providing the utmost support and the best visual, it’s hard not to get dirty while wearing Ergowear InCopper collection. So please get as dirty as you can, because your underwear is already cleaning up after you.

Sizes range in S-XXL.

For more information on the brand: Ergowear

Photo Credit: Ergowear

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