The Weiner Cometh: Anthony Weiner As Underwear Model?

With all the scandal and innuendo-filled headlines, it looks like every just wants to beat the Weiner… Anthony Weiner that is. Since the former Democratic Congressman from New York stepped down due to his famous sexting scandal in 2011,  Anthony Weiner has been gently pushing himself back on to the scene. We guess you could say New York is starting again to get just the tip of the Weiner with his run for Mayor, and it looks like they’re enjoying it, though it’s looking like it’s mostly at his expense. Can you tell how much fun this is for us?

His recent scandal, in case you haven’t heard, involved Weiner sending some dirty pics under the alias “Carlos Danger.” Stuff like that is just too hilarious to stay hidden for long, so sure enough, the Weiner was exposed.

We here at The Underwear Expert wanted to see what Mr. Carlos Danger was really capable of, sexting aside, so we may or may not have held a top secret photo shoot with the former Congressman’s alter ego. Turns out he’s an excellent underwear model, makes sense for someone who loves to show off his undies so much. Perhaps obviously, in some of these photos with Mr. Carlos Danger, the scandalous Anthony Weiner doppleganger wears Andrew Christian, which expertly cradles the Weiner with care.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, NYO Politico, Business Insider, NBC

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