Short Guys Have More Fun: 10 Models Under 6′

These guys aren’t short – they’re just fun size!

When you hear the word model, you automatically think of tall men and women. But sometimes a guy on the shorter side (or short for the modeling industry) is able to break through with their great proportions and gorgeous looks. After all, those of us on the shorter side have better balance, can fit into tighter spaces and are less likely to bump into a door frame… ouch!

The real question here is: What do we prefer when it comes to an underwear model? Runway models, of course, are preferred to be tall. But do you need to be over 6 foot to look your best in a pair of Calvin Klein briefs or a Nasty Pig jock? And that’s what we want your opinion on. Check out our recent article which highlights ten of our favorite models OVER 6ft; if you’re still breathing when you’re done, check out the half-pints!

Check out these 10 Models Under 6 Feet Tall; do the petite models get cast in the broad shadows of the tall models, or are the smaller guys so cute you want to put them in your pocket?

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Photo Credit: Tom Cullis, Andrew Christian, Aydin Arjomand Photography, Blake Martin, Edwin Pabon, Hans Fahrmeyer, Darren Black, Thomas Synnamon, Rick Day