Alex Lundqvist For Hugo Boss Summer Bodywear Collection

Alex Lundqvist

Hugo Boss Summer Bodywear

The early nineties really were a much simpler time– the interent hadn’t breached the world of dial-up yet, cell phones weren’t a necessity because they weighed roughly the same as a new-born child, and you could rip or spill bleach on your clothes and still wear them out. On top of all that, you could pretty much turn your head in any direction and find the one-and-only Alex Lundqvist scantily clad in a campaign for Guess.

Fifteen or so years later, after walking down runways for Gucci, Versace and Calvin Klein, just to name a few, Alex Lundqvist can still be found scantily clad, but this time, for the Hugo Boss Summer Bodywear collection.

Lundqvist sports several looks from the Hugo Boss campaign including multiple styles of boxers, boxer briefs, swimwear and athletic wear, reminding us all why he can challenge Tyra Banks for Top Model status. The Hugo Boss Summer Bodywear collection draws from darker, earthy tones, a refreshing take on the more commonly associated bright and glittery shades offered during this season. Check out the photo’s from the Hugo Boss Summer Bodywear collection below.

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Photo Credit: Hugo Boss