Who Wore It Better: Lochte vs Damon

In this Who Wore It Better, American Olympic swimmer and reality TV star Ryan Lochte faces off against actor Matt Damon in a white mens swim brief. Both guys are surely superstars, but Who Wore It Better? Let’s take a closer look at each guy before we decide.

Ryan Lochte, Ryan Lochte, Ryan Lochte… We just can’t get enough of this guy in his swimwear, and thankfully, it doesn’t look he’s going to stop showing off his stuff any time soon. This shot of Ryan in a white mens swim brief really captures his party boy personality. Also, we’re pretty sure this is the least threatening picture of someone holding a gun that we’ve ever seen… But it Ryan’s charm enough to make us think he wore it better? Let’s take a look at his competition…

Matt Damon gave the world some great underwear sightings in his recent movie on HBO, Behind the Candelabraand we were super duper pleasantly surprised. At 42 years old, it’s been quite a while since Matt Damon rocked that shirtless scene in Good Will Hunting, but apparently Matt Damon is a magical, never-aging man. Matt’s white mens swim brief looked amazing in this pool scene from Behind the Candelabra, but is it enough to say he wore it better? Get ready to decide…

Make sure to do some careful examining of Ryan Lochte, Matt Damon and both guys’ white mens swim brief, then vote to decide Who Wore It Better!

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Photo Credit: Male Celeb News, HBO