Underwear Athlete of the Week: Luke Campbell

Underwear athletes not only look good, but they really help us underwear lovers see the functionality and purpose behind the product… Okay sure, you can ogle over an athlete in his underwear all you want, but if he’s really wearing that collection on the field or in the ring, that’s one serious testimonial! This week’s Underwear Athlete of the Week is Luke Campbell, an English boxer who won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics, and he’s all about Diesel!

We can’t attest to what exactly this English boxer is wearing whenever he steps into the ring, but if that Diesel trunk makes up an entire outfit a long with a gold medal for this photo shoot, Luke Campbell underwear must be pretty serious. Whether in underwear, boxing shorts, or on the beach in swim shorts, Luke Campbell continues to be one trendy athlete. Perhaps we’ll see an exclusive Luke Campbell underwear line with Diesel sometime soon? Let’s keep our fingers crossed…

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Photo Credit: Male Celeb News, Diesel, Homorazzi