[VIDEO] Baseball Player Bryce Harper Rocks Out in Under Armour

Bryce Harper Underwear 03

Bryce Harper Underwear 03

Outside of movies and televisions shows, it’s hard to catch celebs in their underwear; that’s where the athletes come in! Athletes can be even bigger superstars than actors at times, and when they hop into their underwear, those sporty muscles are sure to cause a buzz. This week’s Underwear Athlete of the Week is Bryce Harper, outfielder with the Washington Nationals. Check him out here!

Seeing as Bryce broke into the major leagues at such a young age, he gained some quick publicity after telling younger players at a youth Baseball camp: “Be as sexy as you can!” Thankfully, Bryce isn’t just all talk. The outfielder started his own Under Armour collection in February of this year, featuring “I Will” campaign video with hard-working athletes and a whole lot of Under Armour.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think! Have you seen any of your favorite athletes in their underwear? Send in your favorite players and we’ll feature them as our Underwear Athlete of the Week!

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Photo Credit: Hold Out Sports, Under Armour, DeadSpin