Jonny Lee Miller Underwear Mystery and More TV Star Underwear Sightings

As television season comes to a close, some of our favorite shows are really pulling out all the stops when it comes to stars stripping down, including Elementary‘s Jonny Lee Miller underwear mystery, some dicey looking operations on Nikita, and Jennifer Love-Hewitt losing it on Ian Bohen (more on his well warranted side-eye to come).

In the land of scripted TV, it was a week of strange bed-fellows (it is summer after all), while more than one British reality stud dropped trou for the camera on his own time. As is well known, we’ll take Celeb Undies Sightings wherever and however we can get them. Some folks just make the hunt (and our job) that much easier by posing for our favorite magazines or even snapping the shots themselves.

Check out this week’s TV Star Underwear Sightings and let us know what shows you’ll be moving on to this summer!

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