Get The Look: Michael Phelps’ Hugo Boss Swim Trunk

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Once you become the world’s greatest athlete, winning a total of twenty-two Olympics medals thus breaking the world record for the most Olympic medals ever won in the entire history of the Olympics, there’s really nothing else for you to do but swim around and Instagram yourself looking good in a bathing suit. And Michael Phelps is doing just that, posting pictures of his fine self at the pool sporting a pair of Hugo Boss Oyster swim trunks. You too can be just like Michael Phelps by hopping into a pair of sleek and sexy, Hugo Boss Oyster Swim Trunks — gold medals, fame, and body not included.

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The Hugo Boss Oyster swim trunk ($49.00) is sleek, slimming and above all, a classic piece of swimwear. The trunk has a fabric breakdown that’s 72% polyester and 28% lycra which allows for both a snug fit and a quick dry. The thin elastic waistband and visible drawstring ensures your swimwear will stay in place while the slightly contoured pouch keeps your boys secure. Other features include the Hugo Boss logo on the left front leg panel and a rear center-seam to tighten your tush firmly. The Hugo Boss Oyster swim trunk is an essential, simplistic swimwear choice, and is currently available only in orange on the Hugo Boss site.

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