Beefcake of the Week: Matthew Terry

Matthew Terry Underwear image

Matthew Terry Underwear 02

This week’s way past-due Beefcake of the Week award goes to model Matthew Terry. In case you hadn’t already witnessed the underwear modeling talent of Matthew Terry in the Calvin Klein Underwear Superbowl commercials, the model is back and better than ever in this photo shoot from Details Magazine. Matthew wears Charlie swimwear by Matthew Zink in this shot, and boy does his body help sell the product.

For a while, we started to get suspicious that companies specializing in all kinds of areas would just have Matthew Terry stand next to their product shirtless to boost sales… Sounds like a good idea to us!

Charlie by Matthew Zink is available at

For more information about this brand: Charlie by Matthew Zink

Matthew Terry Underwear 01

Photo Credit: Details Magazine, Calvin Klein Underwear

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