Who Wore It Better: Gustavo vs The Situation

X Micro image

In this Who Wore It Better contest, model Gustavo Rapaso and former reality TV star “The Situation” face off in the Calvin Klein Underwear X Micro collection. Will the real professional underwear model take the cake, or does The Situation’s star status give him the better look? Let’s check out some more information on these guys in their underwear, then help us decide Who Wore It Better!

Gustavo Rapaso wore a pair of Calvin Klein X Micro briefs in a photo shoot with photographer Didio. Gustavo looked so hot in this photo shoot, we’re guessing he needed to lean out this window just to get some more air. Gustavo is a true professional when it comes to underwear models, but does that mean he automatically takes the cake over non-underwear models? We better take a look at the competition… or should we say “The Situation”…

Not that we expected any different, but Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was no shy-guy when it came to showing off his X Micro underwear. We’re not completely sure if this guys wearing the X Micro collection in briefs or a lo-rise trunk, but doesn’t the mystery of it just make things a little more fun? Underwear model or not, this guys certainly got the look, and definitely the abs to catch our eye, what about you? Is it enough to say he wore it better? Keep thinkin’ folks. Let’s get ready to vote!

Make sure to do some more careful examining of Gustavo Raposo, “The Situation” and Calvin Klein Underwear X Micro collection (are you an Underwear Expert, or aren’t you??) and vote to decide Who Wore It Better!

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Photo Credit: Didio, Socialite Life