Who Wore It Better: Aaron O’ Connell vs Robert Downey Jr.

In this Who Wore It Better, we here at The Underwear Expert spotted both model Aaron O’Connell and actor Robert Downey Jr. wearing striped trunks. Contrary to the rumor that horizontal stripes aren’t exactly “slimming,” these two guys prove that a little stripe action is perfectly sexy in your underwear. But Who Wore It Better? Let’s take a look at each guy…

Aaron O’Connell modeled his striped trunks by Blanco in an ad campaign for the brand. This great shot from the campaign matches Aaron’s striped trunks with the wooden bars running across the white background. Is Aaron’s look good enough to say Who Wore It Better? We’d better take a look at his competition….

We spotted Robert Downey Jr. in this “hot” photo shoot, and we totally think Calvin Klein Underwear should blow this up for an ad on some building somewhere. Or maybe not.. There’s definitely some valuable insight into a star’s personality to be found in his underwear, and Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t disappoint. Who Wore It Better? Get ready to decide…

Make sure to do some careful examining of Aaron O’Connell, Robert Downey Jr. and both guys’ striped trunks, then let us know Who Wore It Better!

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Photo Credit: Blanco