Bryce Harper Under Armour Campaign Reaches Third Base

Bryce Harper under armour feat

bryce harper under armour ad

The collaboration between Bryce Harper and Under Armour seems to have reached third base, with the young baseball player dropping his pants to show off the brand’s Boxerjock line.

Bryce has been part of Under Armour’s I Will campaign since February of this year. The campaign features a number of powerfully charged athletes pushing themselves to the maximum in performance Under Armour gear of all kinds. Products featured in the series range from shoes and sports socks, to athletic shorts and finally (much to our delight)—underwear.

Bryce is pictured looking thoughtfully out a Las Vegas window sporting the Under Armour Boxerjock, a light, comfortable and supportive cut of performance underwear. Bryce towers over his hometown of Sin City, dressed up and ready for action—from the waist down at least. Could this mean other star athletes featured in the campaign won’t be far behind? We’re waiting in the stands to find out, camped out right behind home plate.

Check out Bryce Harper’s full video for the I Will campaign below, featuring an inspirational message, glow-in-the-dark weight lifting, and of course a whole lot of Under Armour athletic gear.

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bryce harper under armour

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