12 Insanely Cute Colby Melvin Brandon Brown Engagement Photos



It’s no secret that we pretty much worship these two (and by pretty much, we mean totally), but when we uncovered these Colby Melvin Brandon Brown engagement photos, well.. we might have lost it.

These shots by Gabriel Gastelum are the sort we’ll want to return to again and again—almost as though they were bound in some sort of engagement photo album that Colby and Brandon are kind enough to set out on the coffee table whenever we drop by for tea. Even with the two hunky lovebirds seated right in front of us, we’d take a few moments every time just to flip through these heartwarming photos.

It’s times like these we’re thankful that Al Gore invented the internet.

Come along  and take a gander at the most insanely cute engagement photos you’re ever likely to see (aside from your own, maybe).

Let’s start with those endearing smiles:

colby melvin brandon brown 003

In plaid and in sync:

colby melvin brandon brown 002

Mother nature’s beauty never stood a chance:

colby melvin brandon brown 004

We’re moving our couch outside to recreate this:

colby melvin brandon brown 006

Show Brandon that threshold, he’s so ready!


No, seriously. He’s like, really ready:


Supporting each other, just like suspenders support pants:


Commencing total melt down:


Officially can’t handle any more:


Okay, now we’ve lost it. COLBY IN A ONESIE!




Photo Credit: Gabriel Gastelum

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