[VIDEO] One Direction’s Harry Styles Pantsed Onstage

Video has surfaced of 1D’s Harry Styles pantsed onstage at a recent London concert, though he’s not wearing the gold sequin thong we might have hoped for.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9hudqcnvaE]

Bandmate Liam Payne pranked the young Styles last week as the guys stepped downstage singing “What Makes You Beautiful,” one of the band’s many mega-hits. Liam’s naughty moves were quick as lightning, and in a flash Harry was scrambling to hold up his tight black jeans, which Liam had yanked down to his knees. The crowd went wild for Harry’s skivvies, of course, which appeared to be a pair of form-fitting black trunks. If only one of the first row fanatics had been pointing a telephoto lens at Harry’s crotch.

Of course Harry is no stranger to the celebrity underwear spotlight, a priceless photo of the star wearing a gold sequin thong while ironing his boxer shorts recently caused quite a stir online. Styles explained his flashy taste in underwear in an interview, saying they were given to him has a Christmas present, and wearing them was his way of letting people know there was a man in the house.

Check out the full video of Harry Styles pantsed on stage, and let us know what kind of underwear you’d like to see on Harry next time he drops trou for the camera.

Photo Credit: HollywoodNOW