Special Delivery: 10 Andrew Christian Model Packages


andrew christian model daniel s

Since the brand has a special way of wrapping precious parcels so they really make a statement, we rounded up our favorite Andrew Christian model packages. There are so many to choose from, it’s like being a kid on Christmas morning. Except instead of toy trucks and lousy books, we finally get something we really want!

From young up-and-comers to experienced adult performers, these boys really run the gambit. They have more in common than just their undies, all these hunks have a fun-loving spirit and youthful energy that’s hard to resist.

Check out our special round up of Andrew Christian packages, and let us know if we missed any of your favorites!

Daniel S (above): Whatcha got planned for that ball Daniel?

Pablo Hernandez can’t keep his hands to himself. Or, no wait..

david hernandez

Brandon Brown takes it down to the floor.


Cory Lee playing up the demure blonde bit.

cory lee

Sean Paul Lockheart certainly has our hearts locked up.

andrew christian model sean lockheart

Ryan Moore is thoughtful in black.

andrew christian model ryan moore

Jake Andrews is drowning us with those baby blues.

andrew christian model jake andrews

Quinn Jaxon rides it on home.

Andrew Christian Almost-Naked-Quinn-Jaxon

Colby Melvin, how do we love thee?? Counting the ways is just too overwhelming a task.


Dean Monroe is looking darn pretty in pink.

dean monroe

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian


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