FAIL: 12 Epic Underwear Fails


Underwear Fail 08

Underwear is a beautiful thing, people. Sometimes, however, people just don’t know what they’re doing. Perhaps if they spent more time reading up on The Underwear Expert the world would be better a place, but in the mean time, we have no choice but to laugh at their ultimate underwear tragedies and failures.

Have you witnessed any underwear fails lately? Send us some pics! …on second thought, maybe don’t…

What kind of animal??

Nobody caught this in the underwear factory, guys? Nobody caught this?? Fail.

Underwear Ultimate Fail 12

Tyrant in his undies?

How are you going to instill the world with fear like that? Fail.

Underwear Fail 11

Who’s got the sweetest tan lines?

This guy. This guy definitely has the sweetest tan lines… Fail.

Underwear Fail 10


Somebody needs to tell this guy he’s doing it wrong. Fail.

Underwear Fail 09

This is just bad…

Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Fail.

Underwear Fail 07

Is that a…?

Yeah, that’s definitely a brief tank top. Fail.

Underwear Fail 06

Happy dance?

We’re not sure how to even explain this one, but… Fail.

Underwear Fail 05

Iron Man?

Doesn’t the Iron Man symbol have a little less Bat-ness to it? Fail.

Underwear Fail 04

Diaper Strollin’

You’ve gotta be a cool guy to go strollin’ outside in your underwear, but a man-diaper? Fail.

Underwear Fail 03

Is this a move?

Hard to believe this doesn’t get you disqualified… Fail.

Underwear Fail 02

Whale-tail team player?

Was that thong really his best choice of active wear before this game? Seriously? Fail.

Underwear Fail 01

Photo Credit: FailBlog, FailHumor, FailPix, Ghetto Red Hot


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