Double-Take: Underwear Model Animal Look Alikes

The people have spoken and the people loved our underwear model celebrity doppelgangers, so we here at The Underwear Expert are back with more, with a furry twist. Internet meme artists everywhere have recently been posting a whole bunch of human and animal look alike photos, and we figured it only made sense to highlight underwear models, right?

We scoured the internet for models and animals with similar looks and features, and we think we’ve got some interesting connections here. Scroll down to take a look at some of our underwear model animal look alike photos!

Are there any other models you see an animal resemblance in? Let us know!

Brandon Brown and this Sloth

Sloths are pretty much the most adorable beings currently on the planet, and if you ask us, there’s something so eerily similar in Brandon and Sloth’s smirky smile… Do you see it?

Marlon Teixeira and this Spider Monkey

Marlon Teixeira and this Spider Monkey are pretty freaked out, and we say he should totally do this photo shoot again with the monkey on his shoulder… Can you see the resemblance?

Parker Hurley and this Joyful Cat

Parker Hurley just exists in a perpetual state of excitement and inner-child, and this little kitty seems to be pretty up as well… Don’t you agree?

Luke Bontius and this Poodle

Luke Bontius and this Poodle both have that “Yeah, they dig the afro” look… Do you see the connection?

Brad Alphonso and this Chimp

Brad Alphonso and this Chimp are both just having a good time, and we’re pretty sure they’re each other’s spirit animal… Do you see it?

Photo Credit: PETA, Next, Memebase, Gabriel Gastelum, Homestead Poodles, Leonardo Corredor

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