7 Guys Pantsed for April Fool’s


Guys Pantsed 09

Ahh, yes, pantsing. What better way to celebrate April Fool’s Day than by laughing over one of the greatest and simplest pranks of all time! Seeings guys pantsed by their friends is one of the greatest pastimes we can even imagine, and what’s best? It celebrates spontaneous underwear sightings!

Wanna celebrate April Fool’s Day the underwear way? Check out our 7 favorite pics of guys pantsed by their friends.

#7 Pantsing

This super dramatic basketball pantsing is just hilarious, but did you notice something weird? That guy in the background is totally wearing a ski mask… alrighty then.

Guys Pantsed 01 

#6 Pantsing

These young lads all gathered round to witness this great pantsing, but we can’t help but be jealous of their super cool giant yacht…

Guys Pantsed 03

#5 Pantsing

We’re not too sure if this guys being panted, or if he just has no idea what’s going on…

Guys Pantsed 08

#4 Pantsing

Wonder Woman totally stomped all over male privilege with her simultaneous pantsing of every major superhero… EPIC PANTSING.Guys Pantsed 05

#3 Pantsing

If you fall asleep like this at the beach, you absolutely deserve a good pantsing like this one!

Guys Pantsed 06

#2 Pantsing

Hm… We’re not too sure about the crazy hippie wig, but those boxers do look pretty stylish.

Guys Pantsed 07

#1 Pantsing

Okay, a good pantsing is one thing. Pantsing a Harlem Globetrotter to reveal heart-spotted boxers… that’s just GOLD!

Guys Pantsed 04

Seen any other good pantsing incidents anywhere? Send us your pics!

Photo Credit: Don’t Do Dumb Things, NBC, PicStopin, Pencil Panel Page, Butter Funk, OBrag, Flickr


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