Antonio Sabato Jr. Underwear Birthday Pics!

Because his birthday falls on the ever-elusive February 29th, classic Calvin Klein model and leap year baby Antonio Sabato Jr. won’t get to celebrate his exact birthday this year. As you dry your tears, we’re going to go ahead and start celebrating anyways with our 10 favorite Antonio Sabato Jr. underwear photos!

Make sure to check out these Antonio Sabato Jr. underwear pics below as we wish him a happy 41st!

Antonio Sabato Jr. underwear ads capture a very classic, bold, and stoic look for Calvin Klein Underwear; especially in this boxer brief ad, no?

The striking waistband worn in this vintage Antonio Sabato Jr. underwear ad is so Bay Watch, we want to see Antonio arm-wrestle the Hoff.

This black Calvin Klein Underwear jock strap suits Antonio perfectly to match his dark and steamy look in this photo shoot.

 Antonio was one of the contestants in Fox’s celebrity diving competition special, “Stars in Danger: The High Dive.” How about that swimwear?

Antonio Sabato Jr. underwear pics are pretty well know for featuring his ripped abs consistently; do they get any better than this?

Calvin Klein Underwear shows what it’s like to be in bed with Antonio Sabato Jr. in this photo shoot with the Italian model.

A younger Antonio Sabato Jr. takes a break from his darker side in this photo shoot; what glow and smooth skin!

Antonio Sabato Jr. looks way too sparkling clean to be crawling around on the floor in this shot.

 Antonio Sabato Jr. really brings on the seduction in this shot.

In this photo shoot, Antonio Sabato Jr. looks happy enough to have just blown out birthday candles or something.

Happy 41st Birthday Antonio Sabato Jr. (unless you only count it on leap years, in which case you are about 10 years old!)

For more information on this brand: Calvin Klein Underwear

Photo Credit: Calvin Klein, VGL, EW