This Week in Celebrity Underwear Sightings 3.15.13

The theme of this week’s celebrity underwear sightings is “close but not quite.” It seems like almost everyone was trying, but not quite reaching the expert level of undies-wearing. First, let’s look at this Anthony Carrino underwear sighting. He looks good, and we like that we get a glimpse of his waistband. In our opinion, however, Anthony should show half an inch more to really nail the shirtless look.

What do you think is an acceptable amount of waistband? Did Anthony miss the mark?

Next up is the tennis world number 6, Tomas Berdych. He’s had a good week at Indian Wells, but this underwear shot isn’t exactly an ace. Maybe it’s the angle, or maybe it’s the weird smile, but we would definitely change some things about this shot.

Actor Russell Tovey took this self-pic. While he got the waistband right, we’re not sure he should have gone with the hitchhiker thumb/smirk look. Russell, you’re a handsome dude. Get someone to take your pictures for you. (Also, why do you own two pairs of those shoes?)

Finally, we spotted¬†Mark Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer. These guys got it right. See that casual cockiness? If your shirt’s off, you have to wear some attitude.

Photo Credit: Boxers or Briefs, Male Celeb News