Saturday Special! Parkey Hurley Photos!

Parker Hurley Photos25

Saturday mornings are magical. Or at least they should be. In a recent collection of Parker Hurley photos, photographer Gabriel Gastelum captured all the splendor and joy we’re talking about. The photo shoot, featuring Parker in a pair of “Flash” underwear, really plays at any man’s sense of inner child.

Between all the stuffed animals, superheroes and video games galore, these Parker Hurley photos are joyous, adorable and still pretty sexy. Seriously, who else could you want to play video games with on a Saturday morning than Parker Hurley? His face totally screams, “OMG I just ate a short stack of blueberry pancakes with syrup and my sugar high makes me want to jump on furniture like Tom Cruise.” It’s amazing, to say the least.

Photographer Gabriel Gastelum introduced the photo shoot on his blog last night with what reads like a nice, little poem. Check out his introduction, and feel free to fall in love with all of the Parker Hurley photos below. Happy Saturday!

“Remember when we were kids and we used to wake up on Saturday morning really excited to watch cartoons?
Well, some of us never really grow out of that.
The cool ones don’t at least.
Who is to say that age should stop us from sleeping in late,
watching some cartoons, reading some comic books,
playing with action figures, enjoying a good video game.
Who is to say you can’t enjoy those Saturday mornings you did as a kid.
No one.
So go ahead.
Parker does.
Superheroes, villains, stories, excitement, sugar, nunchucks and undies. A good start if you ask me.”

Photo Credit: Gabriel Gastelum


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