Ryan Lochte Nirvana Pic & More Celebs


This week in celebrity underwear sightings, we were impressed by the Ryan Lochte Nirvana pic for ESPN magazine. It was a nifty trick that, given Lochte’s extra-athletic pursuits, was satisfyingly symbolic.
Ryan Lochte Nivana Pic

Next, we spotted¬†Jamie Dornan wearing a nice pair of red swim shorts. It’s a good look, except for two things: 1. Jamie, pull up your shorts. 2. You, my friend, need some sunscreen.

Ryan Lochte Nivana Pic Jamie Dornan

Earlier this week, we discussed women wearing men’s underwear after seeing this photo of Britney Spears in boxers. We love the idea, and whole-heartedly encourage our female readers to start doing this more often.

Britney Spears Boxers

Finally, we have David Beckham’s newest video, which hit the internet on Wednesday. In it, the boxer briefs clad Beckham darts about Los Angeles to find his keys. Or something. We love every second of it.

For more information about these brands: David Beckham Bodywear for H&M, Rated M

Photo Credit: ESPN Magazine, Male Model Scene, Pacific Coast News



  1. el toro bumingo says:

    I love the remake of that Nirvana cover :)

  2. Women have been wearing men’s underwear for years – it’s nothing new. My Sister and my Mom were doing this back in the ’80′s, so why act like it’s such a new “fad” now? I always found it cute and cool when they did this. I also felt sorry for the men who had to continuously purchase boxers – and bikinis. There are women, as quiet as it’s kept, who wear “mankinis” when their menstrual cycle hits.

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