The Bubbly Rhuan Favoretto

Rhuan Favoretto Bubbles Image

Underwear modeling doesn’t always have to be about pouty faces and furrowed brows. We love it when models and photographers have a little bit of fun with their craft – showing off underwear in a light, tongue-in-cheek way. That’s exactly what photographer Kris Schmitz and model Rhuan Favoretto have done with this black and white series. Rhuan plays with bubbles with carefree, almost childlike playfulness as he models a striped brief.

Should major underwear brands have more fun with their advertising?

Rhuan Favoretto Bubbles 6

Rhuan Favoretto Bubbles 5

Rhuan Favoretto Bubbles 4

Rhuan Favoretto Bubbles 3

Rhuan Favoretto Bubbles 2

Rhuan Favoretto Bubbles 1

Photo Credit: Kris Schmitz

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