The Case for Mesh Underwear

Mesh Underwear Image

We’ve been talking a lot lately about lace, but what about mesh underwear? Mesh has a different history of implications and expectations than lace. Rather than being associated with delicacy, the way lace has been, mesh is often seen as an expression of sexual confidence. Think of the fishnets worn by film noir femmes fatales.

On men, mesh is often seen the same way. It’s not a passive look. Italo Gaspar photographed this gallery of Joel Burger, Chessaman and Nicolai Fritzen. The shoot was styled by Stefano Rocanto. The models strip down to their underwear, accessorizing their looks with MMA headgear, boxing gloves and karaoke microphones.

With everything that’s going on in this gallery, it’s easy to lose sight of how great the mesh looks on the three models. Posing seductively, the men tug at their underwear and keep coy and cocky facial expressions.

As is often the case with trendy underwear, mesh needs to be worn with confidence. Let the shy and bashful stick to the cotton boxer briefs. If you’re not afraid to show off, mesh just might be the underwear style for you.

Have a look at the gallery below. Would you wear mesh?

Mesh Underwear 1

Mesh Underwear 2

Italo Gaspar 3

Italo Gaspar 4

Italo Gaspar 5

Mesh Underwear 6

Italo Gaspar 7

Italo Gaspar 8









Photo Credit: Italo Gaspar

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