Gabin Fueyo Web Chat

Gabin Fueyo Image

Have you ever Skyped with an underwear model? That’s the feeling Sylvain Norget was going for when he photographed Gabin Fueyo using Gabin’s webcam with his own camera. The black and white, slightly grainy images recreate the experience of trying to talk with someone over a mediocre connection. Fueyo wears a black brief in the gallery, although he appears to be on the verge of stripping it off. The unconventional shoot is undoubtably creative, and we like the way Fueyo keeps command of even a small webcam.

Check out the photos below and let us know how you think they compare to Norget’s previous work.

Gabin Fueyo 1

Gabin Fueyo 4

Gabin Fueyo 6

Gabin Fueyo 5

Gabin Fueyo 3

Gabin Fueyo 2

Photo Credit: Sylvain Norget

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