February’s Best + Worst Celeb Undies Sightings

Love fills the air in February, and just as anticipated, we here at The Underwear Expert really fell in love with some of the celebrity underwear sightings February had to offer… but not all these celeb undies were some of our favorites. So, to recap in celebration as well as confused disappointment, we’ve decided to bring you February’s best and worst celebrity underwear sightings! Hmm… Perhaps it’s best we start you off with the good news, and then the bad news?

Starting off with the top 5 best, scroll through February’s best and worst sightings, and let us know what you think of all these celeb undies!

#5 Best Celebrity Underwear Sighting: Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth just looked really cool and all “surfer dude” in this swimwear sighting. Even when it’s just some random paparazzo on the beach snapping the shot, Chris manages to look like a real veteran model.

#4 Best Celebrity Underwear Sighting: David Beckham

February saw the release of the long awaited David Beckham underwear video directed by Guy Ritchie. The video is AWESOME, and you should definitely check it out.

#3 Best Celebrity Underwear Sighting: Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom looks like he’s just having a good ol’ time at the beach, and we’re certainly a fan of his trendy swimwear.

#2 Best Celebrity Underwear Sighting: Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte paid serious tribute to Nirvana in this pic for ESPN Magazine. The original album artwork was a naked baby; we’re much more fond of the swimwear…

#1 Best Celebrity Underwear Sighting: Beyonce

Beyonce did some serious work to put men’s underwear in the hands of women in this photo shoot for GQ. It’s like she’s taking over the world… one pair of Calvin’s at a time…

#5 Worst Celebrity Underwear Sighting: Jamie Dornan

To be fair, Jamie Dornan actually doesn’t look too bad in this swimwear sighting. On the other hand, we do think he could pull up his shorts a little… and sunscreen would help, no?

#4 Worst Celebrity Underwear Sighting: Britney Spears

Britney Spears can be pretty fashionable, but these boxer briefs has seen better days than this. Something about the socks and the sneakers just looks… off.

#3 Worst Celebrity Underwear Sighting: David Beckham’s Butt Double

When reports arose that David Beckham used a (for lack of better term) “butt double” for some shots in his underwear video, you better believe it was a big story for underwear. David Beckham: Yes. David Beckham butt double: No.

#2 Worst Celebrity Underwear Sighting: David Arquette

Yeah, see that waistband coming out of his gold trimmed pantaloons? Who knows what came before or after… moving on!

#1 Worst Celebrity Underwear Sighting: Justin Bieber

 That’s right, folks. Coming in at #1 on our February list is the Justin Bieber SNL underwear sighting we didn’t even get! Justin Bieber’s never too shy to show off the skivvies, so we gave a big ol’ thumbs down to the pants filled performance.

Photo Credit: Celeb News, GQ, ESPN Magazine, Male Model Scene, Pacific Coast News, NBC, Digital Spy, Alloy Entertainment