Boray Kocoz Gets Pumped!

Boray Kocoz Pump Image

In January, readers of The Underwear Expert were treated to a photo shoot of Boray Kocoz in Emporio Armani underwear by Martijn Smouter. We got our hands on another series of the blue-eyed stunner, and this time he’s rocking Pump! underwear. We see more of the same competitive attitude we glimpsed in the previous series. The confidence seems appropriate given the context – Pump! is not a brand for the meek.

Does Boray Kocoz fit better into Emporio Armani or Pump! underwear? Check out the photos and let us know which series you like better in the comments below.

Boray Kocoz Pump 1

Boray Kocoz Pump 2

Boray Kocoz Pump 3

Boray Kocoz Pump 4

Boray Kocoz Pump 5

Boray Kocoz Pump 6

For more information about this brand: Pump! 

Photo Credit: Pump!

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