Top 10 Hottest Tattooed Models


Underwear models are brave guys, showing off pretty much all their skin, but sometimes skin just gets boring. When done well, intricate and beautifully tattooed models can really make a photo shoot pop. As we aim to always bring the best of the best, we’ve compiled what we would say are the underwear industry’s top 10 hottest tattooed models.

Check out our top 10 tattooed models in underwear below, and let us know what you think. Are there any others you thought should’ve made the list?

#10 in our hottest tattooed models: Luiz Vieira
Tattooed model Luiz Vieira

Luiz Vieira caught our eye in a photo shoot with photographer Eduardo Fiorindo, where he showed off his awesome lotus flower chest and arm piece.

#9 in our hottest tattooed models: Adam Almqvist

Tattooed Model Adam Almqvist

Adam Almqvist showed off his tats in an Andrew Weir photo shoot. Wouldn’t that “Pow!” tattoo go great with Pump’s Boom boxer brief?

#8 in our hottest tattooed models: Boray Kocoz

Tattooed Model Boray Kocoz

Blue-eyed stunner Boray Kocoz got stylish with both his tattoos and Emporio Armani’s white boxer brief in this photo shoot with Martijn Smouter.

#7 in our hottest tattooed models: Caue Amaral

Tattooed Model Caue Amaral

Caue Amaral knows he’s red hot, and he absolutely proved it in this photo shoot with Dudu Lima. The Brazilian bad boy has some pretty cool tats, no?

#6 in our hottest tattooed models: Daniel Bamdad

Tattooed Model Daniel Bamdad

Daniel Bamdad looks like a total rockstar in this photo shoot with Simona Pavan, and don’t the tattoos just totally fit the look?

#5 in our hottest tattooed models: Diego Fragoso

Tattooed Model Diego Fragoso

Felix Mercedes captured Diego Fragoso brilliantly in this photo shoot, capturing every aspect of his tattooed side. The sneakers are pretty cool too, no?

#4 in our hottest tattooed models: David Beckham

Tattooed Model David Beckham

Coming in at #4 is the underwear mogul and model himself, Mr. David Beckham, who looks great in his tattoos as well as his underwear, which makes sense… since he has his own brand.

#3 in our hottest tattooed models: James Quaintance

Tattooed Model James Quaintance

James Quantance modeled for Pull-in in this awesome photo shoot. It looks like the whole thing was shot in front of a wrinkly blue sheet… but aren’t those tattoos awesome?

#2 in our hottest tattooed models: Nick Youngquest

Tattooed Model Nick Youngquest

Nick Youngquest has some awesome tattoos. Interestingly enough, the one under his right pec is Spanish for “Look.” How could he not catch your eye with underwear and tattoos like that?

#1 in our hottest tattooed models: Stuart Reardon

Tattooed Model Stuart Reardon

Topping our list off at #1 is Stuart Reardon. This tribal tattooed model is featured amazing photo shoots with Gilles Crofta and the above photo shoot with Thomas Synnamon.

Any others you thought should’ve made out top 10? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Thomas Synnamon, H&M, Out Sports, Martijn Smouter, Felix Mercedes, Simon Pavan, Joseph Sinclair, Andrew Weir, Eduardo Fiorindo

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