Yadier Rodriguez for DNA


Yadier Rodriguez stripped down for the cover of a recent issue of DNA magazine. “Brazil’s Sexiest Secret,” declared the magazine, which featured a gallery of the model by photographer Abel Cruz. Rodriguez poses among a tangle of ropes while wearing XTG underwear including boxer briefs and briefs. Cruz captured Rodriguez’s giant arms and bold tattoos for the DNA shoot.

Check out the photos below, and let us know if you agree with DNA magazine. Is Yadier Rodriguez Brazil’s sexiest secret?

Yadier Rodriguez 1

Yadier Rodriguez 2

Yadier Rodriguez 3

Yadier Rodriguez 4

Yadier Rodriguez 5

Yadier Rodriguez 6Yadier Rodriguez 7

For more information about this brand: XTG

Photo Credit: DNA



  1. Sailesh Ghelani says:

    Oh so very hot. Amazingly symmetrical body. Looks great in the undies. And the undies look great on him.

  2. u r very very cute. id like kiss ur heart. kiss u

  3. Such a candid person! Very adorable; has great pecs. Probably a well-rounded stud.
    Wish I could have a Body like Yadier.

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