Renaud Waldan is “Tedd Moher”


Renaud Waldan recently appeared on the cover of Muto Manifesto. Posing as “Tedd Moher,” Waldan wore a tight-fitting bikini, patterned with an American flag, and a pink swim brief. This red, white, blue and pink display had some vague pin-up influences and a whole lot of body hair.

Does Renaud Waldan nail the maritime model look? Check out the images below and let us know what you think!

Renaud Waldan 6

Renaud Waldan 5

Renaud Waldan 4

Renaud Waldan 3

Renaud Waldan 2

Renaud Waldan 1

Photo Credit: Muto Manifesto



  1. Verrrrrrrrry Nice – We need to see more fur in advertising !

  2. Very very very nice…I agree with Andrew, we do need to see more fur in advertising.

  3. rudy pedraza says:

    pardon my francaise but, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST….this guy is hot as fuck!!!

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