More Jare’d Goodloe

Jarred Goodloe Image

Seth London’s gallery of Jare’d Goodloe received such a great response, we knew we needed more. The New York based photographer kindly sent us an addendum to his editorial, including new images of Goodloe that we hadn’t previously published! The black and white photo shoot continues where it left off, displaying Goodloe in white briefs as he leans and poses against a white wall. With strong lighting and a simple setting, London has kept our attention with these skillfully shot images.

Is this a strong addition to Lodon’s series? Have a look at the photos below and let us know what you think of the photographer’s work with Jare’d Goodloe.

Jarred Goodloe 1

Jarred Goodloe 2

Jarred Goodloe 3

Jarred Goodloe 4

Jarred Goodloe 5

Jarred Goodloe 6

Jarred Goodloe 7

Jarred Goodloe 8

Jarred Goodloe 9

Photo Credit: Seth London

2 thoughts on “More Jare’d Goodloe

  1. Jordan Veney says:

    Now that’s what I call selling it. His body makes the underwear look that much more tempting, but the underwear itself looks amazing. they are very smooth with a nice plush cloth like look making them look unbelievably comfortable

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