Levi Jackson Wears Ca-Rio-Ca

Levi Jackson 8

Photographer Jorge Rivas shot this gallery for DNA Magazine of Levi Jackson. Levi is wearing swimwear selections from Ca-Rio-Ca, Rufskin, STUD, and Marcuse. The muscular model has just enough chest hair to give the photos a strong sense of masculinity as he emerges from the pool. If you’re going somewhere warm for the holidays, it might just be time to give these brands a look!

Levi Jackson 7

Levi Jackson 6

Levi Jackson 5

Levi Jackson 4

Levi Jackson 3

Levi Jackson 2

Levi Jackson 1

For more information about these brands: Ca-Rio-Ca, Rufskin, STUD, Marcuse

Photo credit: DNA Magazine

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