Lane Carlson by Joseph Lally


Joseph Lally has a flair for the dramatic for sure. He likes photographing models who have a hint of trouble underneath their attractive exterior. There are few examples better than this new series featuring Lane Carlson. The model is clearly handsome, but the gallery shows that Carlson has a dangerous side. Dressed in leather, he looks casually vicious in the editorial, titled “Fascist Fashion.” The shoot was styled by Jean Luc Francaise.

Have a look at the photos below and let us know what you think of Joseph Lally’s photography.

Photo Credit: Joseph Lally

One thought on “Lane Carlson by Joseph Lally

  1. screenboi says:

    Lane doesn’t sell it – he does have the clothes and body – but he lacks the real leather man ATTITUDE – it just looks like a boy playing dress up and not a real masculine Leather Man

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