Justin Bieber Should Stop Mooning People


Justin Bieber has never been shy about showing us his underwear, and The Underwear Expert has never hesitated to comment on the dozens of Justin Bieber underwear sightings, but the little prince of pop is starting to get kind of trashy. Recently he posted a photo of himself half-mooning the camera on his Instagram. Justin, what are you doing? Underwear is worth showing off. Your pale, 18-year-old rear end is not. This sort of behavior is only acceptable if you’re drinking….

Justin Bieber Underwear Weed 1

Of course, Justin indulging in substances isn’t such a far-fetched notion. TMZ reported a couple of weeks ago that the singer was smoking something at a party, and it didn’t look like a cigarette. There’s nothing wrong with being young, but don’t let people catch you on camera. Public partying is a no-no.

Justin Bieber Underwear Weed 2

Maybe we just don’t understand. Perhaps Bieber’s sort-of-bad boy image is part of the appeal. Whatever the case, we hope that Justin gets over his mooning phase quickly. We love Justin Bieber underwear sightings and anyone who clearly takes pride in their undergarment style has our support. Just remember, we love you because you’re willing to wear great underwear, not because you’re willing to take it off.

Justin Bieber Underwear Weed 3

Photo Credit: Fanpop, Queerty, TMZ



  1. just another star that isnt a kid anymore and having trouble dealing with it, wants to be a big boi but stillappeal to his fans that want him to be a little boy. grow up, not that you have a choice. lol

  2. Silly Americans, of course he smokes weed… he’s Canadian!

  3. I want him to show his ass off more he has a nice ass and what star doesn’t smoke weed I mean come on.

  4. wayrainti says:

    Your critics of him mooning are pathetic, bigoted. and hypotcritical…I see the same cleft as in women who show off thier boobs with skimpy bras. Knowing also how many here are just waiting to get their hands on what in under those briefs…don’t you think so?

  5. Daxterh2o says:

    Justin is hot n sexy

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